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You’re dedicated to your work, but you often feel like…

  • You’re alone on your Reiki journey, and can’t seem to find a safe space with like-minded souls that can lift you up and help you move forward on your path.

  • Being taken seriously as a legitimate Reiki master is so important to you, but you worry you won’t find a professional association that will recognize your training.

  • Growing your Reiki business is difficult without the tailored guidance you need to succeed, and online courses with the latest expert advice and training are hard to find.

  • Your Reiki business needs a boost but you don’t have enough opportunities to showcase your practice to the public, so you fear you’ll struggle financially in your mission to help others.

  • Compassion burnout’s completely depleted your energy, so you feel stuck not knowing how to take care of your own health as you dedicate yourself to healing others.

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